Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mini-Tom, Part 1

When Grandpa Mike and Grandma Susie moved earlier this year, they came across a few boxes containing Tom's "most prized positions" from his elementary, middle, and high school years. The boxes came home with us at the end of our summer vacation, and because Tom couldn't bear to go through them - he HATES all forms of organizing, sorting, etc. - I volunteered to start the process for him.

The boxes held items that fell into three primary categories: awards and commendations (of which there are A LOT), high school photos (of which they are A LOT), and brain puzzles/games. The boxes also held a few outliers that the rest of the family has had a little fun fun with: a stuffed Eeyore for Hallie, a minature football for Will, and these glasses for me.

Ok, so they were Tom's glasses in elementary school, but they fit me now. He has a big head. I have a small head.

Here's a picture of Tom wearing the glasses, circa 1988-ish:

And here's Will wearing the glasses, last week:

A chip off the old block, that boy is...

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Thomas Ferris said...

oh man this is perfect. However, you may notice that the picture you posted is of me in an entirely different but equally nerdy set of goggles. In any case Will definitely looks like me in them!