Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mommy Made-Over

In honor of Mother's Day, the kindergarteners at Rock Prairie Elementary School invited their moms to attend a morning of pampering. Pampering could include any combination of a manicure, pedicure, massage, hair style, and make-up application, all performed by...them.

When I arrived at school, Will greeted me, led me to my seat, and offered me a bottle of water. Then he presented me with a "menu" of services and a lovely homemade flower pen with which to fill out my menu. I of course selected all of the available options - after all, if I'm going to get made over by a six-year-old, I'm going to go all in.

Will started with my pedicure, for which he selected a sparkly, orange polish (from my Hunger Games polish line, a detail that was not lost on Will), and then moved on to painting one hand's fingernails hot pink and one hand's fingernails clear.

Next up was my 12-second massage, which felt kind of like little lizards were running up and down my back, and a quick hair brush and style (headband in the front, clip in the back).

And then Will moved on to make-up. Oh, the make-up. The purple and pink and blue and black make-up. Will had clearly been preparing for and eagerly waiting to attack my face with brilliant colors and teeny, tiny brushes.

After our makeovers were finished, we moms had to walk a huge circle through the cafeteria so that all of the kids could admire the "work" of their fellow classmates.  A LOT of kindergarteners stared at me. A LOT of other moms stared at me too.

We finished up the morning with a dance party, which made very little sense to me (do dance parties usually follow make-overs?) but was a hit with the kids.

I left my fingernails and toenails alone for a week, but as soon as Tom saw and took a photo of my beautiful make-up (he stayed home with Hallie that morning so I wouldn't have to figure out how to entertain her while Will made me over), I scrubbed my face clean.  And then I felt awful when I picked up Will at the end of the day and he immediately asked what had happened to my make-up.  Perhaps I'll let him make me over again, though this time it'll be in the evening, when I have nowhere left to go that day.

I'm not sure we could have created a sweeter boy.

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