Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Four in the Tub

Trying to capture a picture in which all four of these cousins smiled for the camera - or at the very least, LOOKED at the camera - proved nearly as difficult as taking the Mueller family Christmas picture a few months ago. We figured the bathtub was our best bet as far as location was concerned, simply because it provided a level of containment not found on the couch or front porch or in the backyard.
So close - we're only missing Will.
Photographer error (I take full responsibility) blurred the only shot in
which all four were looking at the camera and had their eyes open.
Oops, we lost Lily.
And now we've lost Carter.
This may be our best shot - the girls both look weird, but the boys look pretty good.
Lily's back with a cute smile, but we've lost Carter again.
When I was downloading these photos from my camera to my computer, I accidentally - seriously, I have absolutely no idea how it happened - I created this little slideshow of the many pictures I took of the kids in the bathtub.  I actually like it, since it's a pretty accurate portrayal of how quickly each child went from smiling to no longer interested in participating in a photo shoot.

We'll try again in a couple of months!

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jeff ekena said...

Love these pics! Funny how Carter looks like Will and Lily looks like she doesn't belong...