Thursday, May 23, 2013

Katy Visits

A couple of weeks ago Tom's cousin Katy, who lives a few hours away and just outside Dallas, came to College Station for the weekend. We were lucky enough to get to spend a little time with her and a couple of her friends on Friday night when they graciously attended Will's tee-ball game. (I say graciously because tee-ball games aren't all that interesting or fun unless you're the parent - or maybe the grandma or grandpa - of one of the players.) Thankfully Will played really well and Hallie only misbehaved a little bit, which I hope made watching a bunch of other people's five- and six-year-old kids try to play baseball a little less painful for the three of them.
Will and Hallie (clutching their gifts from Uncle Joel and Aunt
Teresa, who are Katy's parents), along with Katy and Nathan.
Then Tom jumped in with a double "gig 'em". 
And then finally I joined the picture as well.  Tom made fun of me
because he said I was posing like I was in baseball "ready position".
Great to see you, Katy!

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