Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jam Session

For as long as I can remember, my dad and his best friend Chuck have been getting together to "play guitars" on a regular basis. (They've been playing together longer than I've been alive, which is why I can't remember a time when their music wasn't a part of my life.) They play and sing songs from all genres and going back decades, from Jamaican Farewell to Sloop John B to One Fine Day to Baby, Baby (learning Baby, Baby was a gift they gave to Will and Hallie; Justin Bieber isn't one of their favorite artists). At times they settle in and comfortably run through songs they know by heart and that showcase their "dueling guitars" and vocal harmonies, and at other times they buckle down to learn and practice new music.  (They take requests too, which is fantastic.)

When Sara and I learned to sing they'd occasionally let us sing along with them, but we weren't really full participants until we'd reached high school and actually understood melodies, harmonies, and musical improvisation. It was an honor - and I really mean that - to be welcomed into their "club", and I still today feel grateful whenever I'm lucky enough to be in the same room as these two best friends who make amazing music together.

When Tom and I got married and my dad and Chuck learned of Tom's musical talent, he too was allowed to join the band. (Perhaps someday we'll all bail on our jobs and responsibilities and take our show on the road.)  I absolutely love listening to the three of them play, and on a rare occasion I'm able to enjoy their music accompanied by Will and Hallie on vocals.  There's nothing better than music bringing together, in one room, my past, my present, and my future.

Over Christmas vacation the four of us (my dad, Chuck, Tom, and I) held an impromptu jam session.  My dad and Chuck grabbed their guitars, Tom sat down at the piano, and I warmed up my vocal chords and we picked up exactly where they left off. I wish that evening could have gone on for a lot longer than it did.

Here's a little glimpse of the three of them, rocking out to Rocky Top. (I can't sing and film at the same time, so my vocal part is missing - sorry. Also, my apologies that the video isn't longer and better. That's what you get with phone videos.)

Music rules.

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