Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Recap

This was our busiest Halloween to-date, but I'm not complaining - I love Halloween, and only wish I had more time and money to devote to Halloween costumes, parties, treats, etc. (Maybe it's a good thing I DON'T have more time and money to devote to Halloween, otherwise the holiday might turn into a month-long costume and candy fest.)

About 10 days before Halloween we "carved" our pumpkins using our pirate and princess decorating sets. Using these decorating sets requires also using a screwdriver (to make holes for the pieces to go into), and I was really impressed that Will could do so safety and completely decorate his pumpkin on his own.

I spent the day before Halloween baking and decorating seven dozen (that's 84) of our traditional Halloween cupcakes.  This year and for the first time ever, I changed things up a bit, going with a mummy instead of the haystack and Halloween sprinkles instead of the jack-o-lantern (my jack-o-lanterns never look very good).  The mummy was a huge hit, so I'll definitely keep him in the rotation, but I didn't like the sprinkles very much and will probably try to find a regular pumpkin design to use instead of the sprinkles/jack-o-lantern next year.

In the chaos of the actual holiday I neglected to take any pictures of Hallie at her school Halloween party and trunk-or-treat event (though I did grab the one below from a friend of mine), and I only took this one picture of Will at his school Halloween party - he was making a Tootsie Roll Pop ghost.

Trick-or-treating was lots of fun, though I only lasted about 20 minutes because the mosquitoes were EATING ME ALIVE. Tom and the kids trick-or-treated for more than an hour, while after those first 20 minutes I headed home to man our door. We set a new record for trick-or-treaters this year...199!

Later in the evening our friends Aaron, Stacey, Kendra, and Logan stopped by, and their visit really sealed the deal on an evening fun for all of us. While the adults enjoyed a beverage in the living room, the four kids played on the front porch and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters. They were having such a great time that when we ran out of candy, all four kids pulled candy out of their own bags to give away. At the end of the night Will and Hallie each had only a few pieces left but were as happy (and tired) as I could have hoped for.

And in closing, my favorite picture from Halloween night:

Hope your Halloween was happy!

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Mary Jo said...

i love the photo too as well as the digging into their own bounty to give away! you're raising thoughtful kids.