Thursday, November 15, 2012

Art Show

On Halloween Eve, Hallie's school hosted its first annual Art Show Open House. In the first communications about the event it was mentioned that "costumes were welcome", since the event would be the night before Halloween and kids are always looking for more reasons to wear their Halloween costumes. It seemed that perhaps I was the only person who received that memo, however, as Hallie was the only child I saw wearing a costume that evening. She looked awesome as Super Girl though.
With her pumpkin painting.
With a few of her classroom projects.
Hallie's jack-o-lantern - notice how she created a face
on each of the four sections of the pumpkin.
Hallie's owl - this may someday make it into a frame
to be hung in her owl-themed bedroom.
This is very typical Hallie artwork - she works very slowly and with great
care at the beginning (the "H" and the "a") and then runs out of time or
supplies and has to speed through the remainder of the project.
Hallie's Halloween spider.
Ever since the art show, whenever Hallie plays pretend she pretends she's at an art show.  Or that she's Super Girl.  Or that she's Super Girl, saving an art show from impending destruction.

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