Thursday, September 6, 2012

Future Pro Disc Golfer

Will started tagging along when Tom played disc golf when he was five months old. A year later, when he was around a year and a half, Will started actually throwing discs alongside Tom. He didn't necessarily understand how the game was supposed to be played though, and would often tee off, pick up his disc, carry it to within five or so feet of the basket, and then toss the disc in "for a birdie".

This summer Will played a lot of disc golf, both with Tom here in Texas and with my dad and the camping uncles in Wisconsin. He has suddenly developed a forehand shot to be reckoned with (I'd call his shot "good" if he were an adult, but since he's only five I think it's safe to call his shot "amazing"), and has been working on what Tom calls "the putt of destiny". Will's disc golf skills are to the point now that when Tom takes him to the course, other adults gather round and watch him both tee off and putt, most not believing that he's five years old.

Tom took a few videos when they were playing last weekend, and while the videos aren't the best quality and aren't of Will's absolute best shots, they're fun documentation of his skills. If becoming a superhero doesn't work out, perhaps Will can become a professional disc golfer.

Teeing Off
He makes it look so effortless. When I tee off I look like a maniac, and even when throw the disc as hard as I can, it doesn't go as far as this shot of Will's does.

That's as close to going in without going in as your can get. I've literally never made a putt from that distance.

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Sara Ekena said...

well, he is officially WAY better than me. maybe he could help Lily out with this sport one as well...