Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Come Inside

Princess Hallie graciously invited me into her pink castle (a pink tent, in the shape of a castle), and though the castle is roughly the size of a coffee mug and lives in the poorly air conditioned (think 85 or so degrees when the rest of house is at a barely-tolerable 80 degrees) playroom, I agreed to join her.

It was as crowded and sultry as I expected it to be inside the castle, which must be why Hallie thought to put on her swimsuit ahead of time.

First we colored.

Then we got married, which involved "dancing witt itch udder" (dancing with each
other) and then kissing. Dancing was tough to do in the tent.

After our wedding I asked Hallie if I could take a few pictures of her. She agreed.
 Unfortunately the first picture looked kind of funny because she was chewing gum.

Hallie didn't take kindly to my request that she stop chewing her gum for just a minute.

Then Will photo bombed us.

I could only take about 12 minutes in the castle with Hallie, not because of anything she was doing (for the first time that week she was actually kind of sweet to me), but because the space was just too cramped and stuffy. She didn't want me to leave, until I told her that I was headed into the forest (kitchen) in search of Prince Charming (something to make for dinner), that is. Then she packed me a basket of bread and sent me on my way.

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