Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It's been a S...L...O...W process, but Hallie's finally working her way into becoming a fan of the sprinkler. It helps that Lily is completely fearless when it comes to water and is always willing to get wet first.

But as it goes with Hallie and most things, once she got the hang of the sprinkler and decided being sprinkled could be fun, she committed whole-heartedly.

After she'd had enough to drink from the sprinkler, Lily spent the rest of her outside time filling up a plastic tea cup with sprinkler water and then walking the cup across the lawn and the stone patio to where the adults were sitting. Because Lily's not the steadiest of walkers and the patio stones are a bit uneven, there was never any water left in the cup when she reached us...so then she'd turn around and walk back to the sprinkler to start the process over again. Lily must have done this 50 times without complaining, but on the 51st trip she'd finally had enough.

I think she was also a little upset that the bottom of her swimsuit wouldn't stay on. In protest, she peed on the patio. Like six times.

Then, so as not to be outdone, Hallie peed on the patio. Only once, thankfully.

I guess peeing on the patio is better than peeing in the pool...

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