Thursday, July 19, 2012

Splash Pad

Just like Will and Lily love the pool (and Hallie strongly dislikes the pool), Will and Hallie love the splash pad and Hallie strongly dislikes the splash pad.  I've actually never seen a child love the water more than Lily, and I've never seen a child as willing to sweat on the sidelines (instead of getting instead of getting in the water to cool off) as Hallie.
That's a handsome boy.
Lily literally can't get enough of any
water-related activity.
She only drank like four or five cups
worth of water that day.
This stream of water, which fell every time
a bucket up above filled with water, was
strong enough to de-pants Will.  He thought
this was HYSTERICAL.
Bathing beauty.
Pouty Pouterson.

Luckily Hallie cheered up a little when we left the splash pad for the park. Both Will and Hallie only wanted to slide with Lily, so they'd wait at the top of the play structure for Lily to s..l..o..w..l..y (she's only 18-months-old) climb up the stairs, through the tunnel, and across the platform to the slide. Then they'd fight about whose turn it was to go down the slide with her. It was really sweet. And really annoying.

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