Thursday, July 26, 2012


Because this blog serves as something of a baby book for Will and Hallie, it's a place where we post pictures of and tell stories about their adventures and milestones. But now, as Will and Hallie get older and some of my memories fade, this blog will also be a place where we document the "little things" we don't ever want to forget.

On occasion Will has trouble falling asleep. One night he came out of his room, asking for suggestions as to what he might do to pass the time and/or help him finally drift off into a peaceful slumber, and in one of my more genius moments, I came up with blowing dreams into his ears. I gave two little puffs of air in one ear and three long puffs of air in the other, and he headed back to his room, a smile on his face. The next morning he told me he'd dreamed about super heroes and ninja fighters (?).

We still go through this ritual a couple of times a week, and I love more than anything that my little boy still believes that dreams come from his mothers lips.

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