Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Summer of Swimming

We've spent a lot of time in swimming pools this summer - from swimming lessons through the city to swimming lessons at our neighbor's house to open swim at the neighborhood pool. Will has loved every minute, while Hallie has loved only a few seconds here and there (she hasn't yet found her flippers, and she's always cold, which makes swimming a little less fun for her).
There's no longer any fear in this boy when it comes to swimming.
"Speedo goggles make me super fast!"
She still swims with her sunglasses on.
Practicing his strokes.
Trips down the slide.
Working on not drowning.
Crossing the lily pads.
At the end of every lesson the kids would go down the water
slide. Hallie never wanted to participate, so she'd line
up the ducks on the pool deck instead.
The placement of the ducks was very important to her.
When Sara, Jeff, and Lily came to visit we bought a small backyard pool so that the kids could play in the water every day, whenever they wanted (without the grown-ups having to pack up towels, sunscreen, toys, changes of clothes, snacks, hats, sunglasses, etc. and trek everyone to the neighborhood pool). Lily and Will could have played in the pool all day, but Hallie preferred to cower in the corner.
This is the only decent (and I use that
term loosely, seeing as none of them are
looking at the camera) photo of the
three of them from this visit.

Next up will be swimming in the lakes!

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