Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kids Say...

Will had been in his room, reading a book, when he discovered an issue with one of the words in his book.
Will: (Directing my attention to his book) Mom, there’s something wrong here.
Erin: What do you mean?
Will: (Pointing to a word in his book) What’s this word?
Erin: Pea. As in pea soup.
Will: EEEWWWW!!! I thought I was reading it wrong, but I was right. Why would anyone want pee soup?

Hallie: (SCREAMING) I want to put on my underwear! – 117 times
Erin: So then put them on.
Hallie: (SCREAMING) I can’t do it!
Erin: So then let me help you.

Hallie: What “together” mean?
Erin: You know the answer to that question, silly girl. Can you tell me what “together” means?
Hallie: Captain America?

Will: (doing push-ups) What are these called?
Erin: Push-ups.
Will: I’m really good at push-ups, since I’m so, so strong.
Erin: (doesn’t answer because she’s doing sit-ups)
Will: They sure do hurt my penis though.

Will: (laughing to himself in the backseat) I can’t wait until I get a real sword.
Erin: I don’t think you need a real sword – they’re pretty dangerous.
Will: Well, when I’m 18 I can buy a real sword if I want to.
Erin: I’d really rather you didn’t. I don’t want you to get hurt.
Will: Oh, all right then. But if there’s a battle, I’m going to run right out to the store and buy me a sword.
Erin: Deal. If there’s a battle, you can get a real sword.

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Thomas Ferris said...

LOL, so that's why he was asking me all those questions in the car the other day about where the sword stores are.