Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Basketball...It's a Wrap!

Basketball season has come to a close, and while Will never developed into a shooting superstar or a dribbling dynamo, I feel confident he would have earned the most-improved award if such a thing existed in 4-6 year old city basketball.

As a reminder, Will didn't touch the ball AT ALL during the first three games. And aside from Will's very first soccer game, his third basketball game was the worst athletic hour of his (and maybe my) life. There was ice dancing. On the basketball court.

But then we had "the talk" and Will started to turn things around. In games four, five, and six Will threw the ball inbounds to his teammates, guarded his assigned opponent with his hands in the air, dribbled twice, and tied up one jump ball. Progress.

And then in games seven and eight Will really hit his stride. Along with inbound passing, guarding, dribbling, and tying up jump balls, Will actually stole the ball from his opponent TWICE, and in the last game he actually won the tip off against a boy who was a full head taller than he was. How, you ask? The taller boy had no idea when to jump and didn't understand that during a tip off the jumping players must move the ball to one of their teammates instead of catching it themselves. Will, however, knew when to jump and was able to pass the ball to another Bulls player - turns out he was listening to his coaches after all.

Speaking of, Will's coaches were fantastic.  They understood how to teach the game of basketball to kids who'd never played before while also helping kids who were more experienced further develop their skills.  They were knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging, even at times when I'm certain being patient and encouraging would have been terribly difficult.

We're on to spring soccer and t-ball now, but here are the last remaining pics from the basketball season.

Backpedaling on defense.

Guarding his opponent.

Being consoled by Coach Lee and Coach Clint 
after getting hit in the face with the ball.

At the ready.  For what, I'm not sure.

Inbounding the ball.

Will's best defensive moment of the season came just two 
seconds after this picture was taken - #3 on the Knicks 
didn't stand a chance against Will's defense.

An end of the season "Goooooo Bulls!"

End of the season trophy presentation.

Go Bulls!

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