Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cowboy Day

Will looks more like a park ranger than a cowboy,
and Hallie was kind of annoyed that morning
because I made her wear a bandana and hair bows that
matched her red cowboy boots.
Will was lucky enough to experience Cowboy Day (at his and Hallie's preschool) last year, but this year's event was the first for both me and Hallie. I volunteered for the second and third shifts so I could watch both Will and Hallie's classes come through, but took advantage of short lulls at my stations (Snakes in Boots and Fishing) to snap a few pictures of the festivities.

Andy Armadillo was a hit with the older kids,
but not so much the younger ones.
Lassoing steers with hula hoops.
Singing songs and "roasting" marshmallows over the "camp fire".
Hallie rode this horse, and yelled "WHEEEEEE!",
for 90% of her time at Cowboy Day.
Hallie's friend Caroline fishing at my station.
Will's class of cowboys and cowgirls.
Cowboy Day reminded us that we've yet to stock our closets with cowboy/cowgirl hats...perhaps those are next on the gift list!

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