Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Playground Beckons

Now that the high temperatures are (only) in the upper 80's we're visiting the park once again. I kid you not - we went to the park in early May and didn't go again until late September because it was just too hot.

Hallie loves to "paint" on the sidewalk with water, though she usually gets her dress wet and ends up heading home in just her diaper.

Will loves to run laps around the track...

...and play tag. When tag doesn't end well he likes to pout.

But their favorite activity is sword fighting. By themselves, with me, with each other.

About 15 months ago we filmed this sword fight:

And last week I filmed this sword fight:

I'm so proud of how far Hallie's come with regard to her sword fighting. (I especially love the last couple of seconds of this video, when Hallie just cracks her sword down on Will's head. For the record, no children were injured in the making of this video.) I find it comforting to know she'll have something to fall back on when destroying books for a living doesn't work out.

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