Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthday Recap

Will woke up early, put on his Batman shirt and Birthday Boy ribbon, and ate Fruit Loops - his choice - for breakfast.

At school his friends sang Happy Birthday to him and he shared Batman cookies with all of them. (A special thank you to Brittany of Sugar: Cookies, Cakes, and More in Utah for the Batman Cookies!)

Later in the day Will shared pirate cupcakes with his teammates at soccer practice, the four of us went to McDonald's for dinner, and Will opened his presents.

Batman shirt

Spongebob Squarepants golf balls



Mario & Luigi mustaches

Epic sword fight - last one ever this close to the new TV

Hallie opened a half-birthday present and then slowly broke down when she realized that on half-birthdays you only get one present.

Will wrapped up his special day by blowing out a candle on one of his pirate cupcakes, which interestingly enough he didn't actually eat - I guess he was too full of sweets by that point in the day. (Lest you think me a terrible mom for not making Will a birthday cake for his birthday, Will decided he wanted cupcakes on his actual birthday and a Batman cake for his birthday party.)

Will's birthday party was held on the Sunday following his birthday. After hemming and hawing about what kind and how big of a birthday party he wanted to have (all the kids in his class, some kids in his class, all the boys in his class, his best boy friends and his best girl friends), he finally decided on inviting just his two best boy friends, Logan and Michael. Tom and I took the three boys (and Hallie) miniature golfing and out to lunch at an indoor golf/bowling/arcade in town, and then we all came back to our house for Batman cake, presents, and Batman cape favors for all three boys.

Will's frighteningly out of control putt

Michael's much more controlled putt

Jail time

Will, Michael, & Logan

Waiting patiently for their lunch

Hallie's one ride/game was the "Merry Round"

The boys ran wildly from game to game until the $$ ran out

He's five.

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Brittany said...

He is a cutie! Looks like he had a lot of fun.