Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grandpa Paul's Surprise Visit

Will and Hallie see all of their grandparents quite a bit, which says a great deal about the grandparents' commitment to their grandchildren because we all live hundreds to thousands of miles away from one another. (Tom and I are committed to fostering these relationships too, but it takes everyone involved to be on board and we're lucky to have pretty much the most dedicated and generous parents around.) I think we've seen at least one grandparent every single month this year.

October's grandparent visit was from Grandpa Paul, who decided to surprise the kids by stopping in College Station on his way back from a business trip to Mexico. (Grandma Brenda didn't travel with Grandpa Paul to Mexico so she didn't get to visit us this time around.) He arrived Thursday morning while the kids were at school and came with me to pick them up.

Will did the most priceless double take when he saw Grandpa standing in the hallway outside his classroom.

Hallie was equally excited but not at all surprised to see Grandpa - go figure.

That afternoon they jumped rope and Grandpa pretended to be Hallie's horse.

"Paul and Brenda sittin' in a tree.  K-i-s-s-i-n-g.  First comes love, then comes marriage, 
then comes a baby in a baby carriage."

"Giddy up, Grandpa!"

After Hallie turned in for a nap, Will and Grandpa had multiple water fights and played beanbags, hockey, football, golf, and basketball.

Hunting bears

Beanbag toss




Discussing club options

After a visit to Tom's new office and dinner at Dixie Chicken, we headed home for a bit of wrestling.

The next morning, while Tom was at work, Grandpa and Will had a treasure hunt...

...and Grandpa, Will, Hallie, and I went to the skate park for a quick ride and the playground for a game of tag. (At one point Will got himself stuck in one of the skate park basins and Grandpa had to climb down and help him out. After that, Grandpa had to give the basin a try as well.)



"You're it!"

Deep in conversation

That afternoon, while I stayed home with a napping Hallie, Grandpa took Will to the TAMU golf course where they hit a bucket of balls and played all the holes on the putting green.

The dad of one of the little boys on Will's soccer team is a coach for the TAMU women's soccer team. I know, score, right? I grew up going to UW women's soccer games with my dad, so we thought it would be fun to carry on the tradition of a different kind of "Friday Night Lights" and take the kids to see the TAMU women's soccer team play. The game was great - TAMU won 3-0 - and everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and the TAMU school spirit.

One of the primary reasons Grandpa Paul came to visit was to see Will play soccer. Grandpa Paul coached mine and Sara's soccer teams for years when we were little and still plays soccer himself, and I know for a fact that if we lived closer to Grandma and Grandpa, he'd be coaching Will's team now. Just thinking about that scenario brought tears to my eyes - I would LOVE to see the two of them as "members" of the same team, doing something that special together. But since that can't happen, coming all the way to College Station to see Will play is the next best thing.


One of my favorite pics. Coach Jordan: "Which way are we going?" 
Austin, Riley, and Will: "That way!"

Right before Grandpa had to leave on Saturday he spent a little quality time with Hallie - a few special moments shared when Grandpa wasn't being monopolized by Will.

Cuddling under the pink blanket while watching football

Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving, Grandpa!

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Sara Ekena said...

love this post...makes me smile. I particularly like Hallie's last outfit - who says a "jump around" shirt and Minnie Mouse ears aren't a perfect outfit?!