Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our fun 4th

I guess I must get really busy around the July-August months each year, because we always take a bunch of pictures during those months, but it takes me weeks and weeks to get them posted (like it did for last year's 4th of July post). Anyway, we did have a fun 4th over a month ago. Here are some pics from it.

First of all, look at this picture of Will, and the two pictures below of Hallie. Notice anything in common?

Give up? Check out the shorts. Will got confused when we were setting out the outfits for the two kids... for our trip downtown to see the parade!

It was a good one - lots of people were there and there were plenty of exciting vehicles/floats/people marching in costumes to keep the kids excited. And everyone was throwing candy. We had a great spot for candy, on the sidewalk of a T-intersection, so there was no "other side of the road" to compete for the attention of the candy throwers.

Mocacycle, cool.

There's Mikey from mama's work!

Classic Ann Arborites and their silly bikes.

The swordfighters had a float again, much to Will's delight.

Out buddy Dan came to watch the parade with us, and helped coach Will in candy-gathering. Then each kid had a train to ride on.

We played all day outside.

For dinner, we grilled hamburgers, like true patriotic Americans. Hallie was my sous-chef while Will ran around playing with the neighbor kids. She had changed into her ballerina outfit by this time for some reason. For fun, that's the reason.

We let Will stay up late this year to see our neighbor Mr. Chen's outstanding fireworks show, which in previous years was always starting too late for him. Last year we tried letting Will go to sleep, then waking him up for the fireworks. It didn't work. This year, however, Will had no problem staying up and had a great time. Although I think he was less interested in the fireworks, and more excited about his light-up shoes which Erin got him as a special treat for just such an occasion.

I think this video was from the night before the 4th (my keen detective eye noticed he's wearing the same shirt and mustache from the Top of the Park festival). But close enough to sing "Happy Birthday" to America and a good excuse for cake. Will's a little confused about the concept of our country having a birthday, and who/what he's singing about, but it's all good.

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