Thursday, August 19, 2010

stories from mom to dad about our kids

I've been working very long hours in the lab these days, trying to run a major experiment which requires developing an operating room simulator (check it), and simultaneously writing my dissertation. The extent of my interaction with the kids for the past few weeks has been for an hour or so each morning. The mornings are nice but I'm really looking forward to spending much more time with Erin and the kids after my defense on Oct. 11.

Here are three stories that made me laugh and miss my kids a lot lately. Erin was kind enough to write these up and email to me, so we could share them with you.

Will: Mama, when I'm a grown-up, will I sleep in your bed and you'll
sleep somewhere else?
Erin: No, when you're a grown-up you probably won't live with me anymore.
Will: Who will I live with?!
Erin: Maybe by yourself, or maybe with a roommate, or maybe with your
wife and kids.
Will: NO! I want to always live with you! Can I always live with you?!

Of course I told him that he could always live with me. :)

Every night in the bath, after I wash Will's hair and face he washes
his penis and butt by himself. His routine is pretty straightforward:
stand up, pump soap from the dispenser into his hand, lather, wash his
penis, wash his butt, sit and "swish" to rinse. I was cleaning the
bathroom while they were in the bath tonight, and in the mirror I
caught a glimpse of Hallie swishing her butt around in the water. I
turned around, and caught the entire show - she stood up, (attempted)
to pump soap from the dispenser, washed where a penis would be if she
had one, washed her butt, and sat down to swish once again. She went
through this process, from start to finish, seven times. She has a very
clean butt right now.

Hallie's first nine words, in the order she learned them: Dada, NO,
bye, hi, Will, roar, banana, outside, and, wait for it... SHOES.
That's right, shoes. That's my girl!

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