Wednesday, July 4, 2007

We're back

Hello loyal readers. We are now on day 13 of our 3+ week vacation. We were away from a reliable internet connection and/or didn't have the time required to blog for awhile (hotels, Grandma and Grandpa Ferris' new lake cabin in northern Wisconsin, then occupied by preparing for and going to Laura's wedding, etc.). HOWEVER, the camera was put to good use, so look for several posts in the next week on the fun we've been having so far on our vacation!

As you can see, the winner of the
favorite Will video poll goes to the 'Yes? No!' videos, with honorable mention going to the 'Pbbbtht!' videos. This video will be part of the profile on the left side of the page for awhile, until we come up with another idea. For the record, my personal favorite is 'Put Messy Will in the Sink'.

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