Tuesday, November 5, 2013

After the Game

We did more than just play flag football during Grandma and Grandpa's visit...

As always, Grandma does a lot of knitting, and on this particular visit we quite a bit of general "creating" as well.

 Hallie scored these fabulous slippers (if all goes according to plan, I'll knit a matching scarf for Hallie sometime this fall), and Grandma's now working on red slippers with white "laces" - he knew exactly what he wanted - slippers for Will.

Using some simple Halloween ribbons, Grandma made headbands, necklaces, bracelets, and leashes for Hallie's stuffed animals.

On Saturday morning we walked to the pumpkin patch, where we picked up a few pumpkins and I took strange pictures of raincoat-covered (though there wasn't a cloud in the sky) Will and a costume-attired (though Halloween was still weeks away) Hallie on bales of hay.

Later that day, Grandma used one of our pumpkins and artificial flowers we picked up at Hobby Lobby to make this gorgeous fall floral arrangement that made us think of Aunt Chandi.

Grandma took a couple of really nice photos of the kids - somehow she managed to capture both of their "real" smiles.

Best of all, we spent lots of time (relatively speaking - unfortunately their visit only last two days) relaxing and catching up. See that cup of coffee below? (The cute little one in the witch's hat Halloween mug.) I actually drank all of it on Saturday morning, and that ONLY happens when Tom's parents come to visit. I love it!


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