Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Wrap-Up

My October wrap-up actually includes photos dating all the way back to June - oops! I need to do a better job of transferring photos from my phone to my computer in a timely fashion...

Will and Logan at Dylan's birthday party.
Camryn and Hallie at Dylan's birthday party.
Hallie's most recent "project of waste". (Hallie has taken on MANY
projects that one could categorize as wasteful in the last few months.)
Hal's getting pretty good on her balance bike - next up, her "bike girl"
bike with no training wheels! (We're never using training wheels again.)
Tea party at the park.
With actual tea!
On a mission to mail a letter.
"Popcorn sandwich, $1. Popcorn dip, $0.50, Tostido cheese sandwich, $2."
Will and Logan made A LOT of money off their parents that night.
That's a popcorn sandwich.
Debbie Gibson called, she wants the 80's back.
She fell asleep reading about how Peter Parker became Spiderman.
Will and I ended our October date night at the arcade.
He honestly couldn't have been happier.
Thank goodness that pig is stuffed, because I'm not sure a real animal could
survive all the "love" she gives it. (And a real pig certainly wouldn't enjoy
wearing stickers on his face, necklaces around his ankles, and a rain parka.
If you look closely, you can see that Hallie's written, "MOM
DAD WILL HALLIE LOVE HALLIE". With no help at all. Smile.
October's a wrap, now on to November!

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