Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Every weekday afternoon, my friend Mandi, her daughter Kara (who's also one of Hallie's best friends), Hallie, and I walk to Rock Prairie Elementary school to pick up Will and Mandi's daughter/Kara's older sister, Kaylee. Will and Kaylee went to preschool together - though they claim not to remember one another from preschool - and became friends during their kindergarten year. They enjoy playing together away from school, and on occasion even play together on the playground; I love that neither has yet to reach the "boys/girls have cooties" stage.

On our walks home, Kaylee and Will always ask Mandi and me to carry their backpacks for them. We almost never agree to do so - after all, their backpacks don't weigh much, we're just as hot and tired as they are, and our hands are often already full thanks to grumpy preschoolers. 

One particular afternoon, after Kaylee and Will tried to hand off their backpacks and we refused to take them, Will put his own backpack back on and took Kaylee's from her. He then carried her backpack all the way home. 

They walked ahead of us and carried on a lovely conversation about who knows what. It was sweet and innocent, and simultaneously exciting and painful to watch. A six-going-on-18-year-old gentleman.

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Farm-Raised said...

you're raising him right, mama!