Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The County Fair

The second annual Brazos County Fair arrived at the perfect time: fresh from reading Charlotte's Web this summer (which takes place primarily at Zuckerman's Farm and the county fair), Hallie believed our county fair would provide her an opportunity to ride the Ferris Wheel, eat cotton candy, and most importantly, meet Wilbur and Charlotte. And though she refused to ride the Ferris Wheel, skipped the cotton candy, and "couldn't find" Wilbur and Charlotte, Hallie still enjoyed herself. As did the rest of us.
Admiring her balloon flower bracelet.
Plugging his ears while his plastic bubble was inflated.
Waiting his turn in the pool.
Splashing around.
Face splat. 
Last year only Hallie would feed the goats. This year only Will would feed the goats.
Though he was still nervous around the animals, he did his best to be
brave...for me, I think, because he knew I wanted to feed the animals.
I loved this dude.
Yep, a little nervous.
But getting the hang of it!
I'm fairly certain she believed he was actually driving.
Sweet kiddos.
Close-up of my handsome boy.
The view from the top of the Ferris Wheel.
Gazing out over the fair and the vastness beyond.

Happy girl on the Merry-Go-Round.
Enjoying a painfully slow train ride.
Pretty girl.
This picture brings tears to my eyes.
The rodeo begins! (What do you mean your county fair doesn't end
every evening with a rodeo? Everything in Texas ends with a rodeo.)  
Calf roping.
I still haven't quite mastered rodeo photography.
Our wheel on the way in.
Our wheel on the way out.
I shouldn't enjoy the county fair - it's always unbearably hot (early September in Texas? 100+ degrees outside, even at 8pm at night), the cost of admission isn't cheap, the rides are downright expensive, and the food is awful - but I can't help wanting to go and then actually having a good time. I bet it's because I really love the people who come along with me.

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