Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First Day of First Grade

Will's first day of first grade went exactly as I expected it would: he woke up early, ready to tackle the day, and then got dressed, made his bed, made and ate his breakfast, brushed his teeth, let me take his picture, walked to school with his daddy, and cruised into the school building and his classroom like he owned the place. I can only hope that first days of school continue to go this well as he gets older.

Thus far, Will prefers first grade over kindergarten; he colors less, he's allowed to check out more and a wider variety of books from the school library, he's allowed to play basketball at recess, he has two teachers instead of one (though he and I both loved his kindergarten teacher), and best of all, his classroom has three computers instead of two. First grade is clearly the winner.

I'm excited to see what the year will hold for Will. I saw tremendous growth - academically, socially, athletically, musically...across the board, really - in Will throughout his kindergarten year, and I have no doubt that first grade will be a year of growth as well. I have a feeling, however, that the growth we see this year will be in the less measurable and often overlooked areas of hard work, perseverance, emotional control, physical control, and empathy. At least I hope we see growth in these areas...

Here's to another great year as a Rock Prairie 'Rangler!
Will's also learning how to be a gentleman.

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