Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Swimmers! Plural!

Yes, they love splash pads (and fountains) on hot, summer days, but this year both Will and Hallie made real progress as actual swimmers.

Will could swim last summer, but this summer he worked on his strokes and stamina. As far strokes are concerned, Will has basic knowledge of the front crawl, the backstroke, and the elementary backstroke. He struggles with front crawl breathing - after four or five strokes he stops and treads water for a few seconds to catch his breath - so he can't quite swim a full length of the pool yet...maybe next summer. And when he swims the elementary backstroke, he strokes much harder on one side than on the other and goes in circle rather than in a straight line. It's kind of funny...
Elementary backstroke in a circle.
Will's teacher pulling him back in the right direction.
Taking a breath (treading water) while swimming front crawl.
Going down the slide on the last day of class.
Hallie really came into her own in the water this summer, to the point that she actually earned her "I can swim" scooter from Grandma Brenda. (Will earned an "I can swim" scooter from Grandma a few years ago, and Grandma wanted to keep the tradition alive. I suppose that in a couple of years she'll have to buy scooters for Lily and Carter as well.) She had no reservations about putting her face in water, going under water, and going down the small slides at the beginning of the summer, and by the end of the summer she went down the big slide and actually swam.
Waiting patiently for her class to begin.
Getting ready to swim with Mr. Ethan (who was also her teacher last summer).
Singing (loudly) while waiting her turn.
Sometimes the goggles were more of a fashion statement.
Practicing on her back.
Going down the big slide for the first time.
Going across the lily pads for the first time.

So proud.

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