Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Vacation: Minocqua, WI

After a one-night stop in Madison, the kids and I loaded ourselves and accompanying gear back into the car and drove four hours north to Minocqua for a three-day visit. I took very few pictures - I don't think I even took my actual camera out of the car - which while unfortunate in terms of memories, is indicative of an enjoyable vacation.

This year the Lodge held only Grandma, Grandpa, me, and the kids...comparatively, Lodge life was quiet. We missed Tom especially, but Adam, Chandi, AJ, and Grant as well. Perhaps the entire crew will be together at the Lodge again for Christmas or next summer.
Will and Hallie heading down to the water.
This view - from the top of the stairs through the
trees to the lake - takes my breath away every year.
On a morning jog around the loop I ran into this sweet, young thing.
After years of being afraid of - or at the very least, apprehensive about - her life jacket,
Hallie finally realized it's benefits. Perhaps its because her infant life jacket finally fits.
And after years of being terrified of the lake, Hallie finally embraced the sandy shore,
weedy lake bottom, and dark water. She's not yet a swimmer, but she's no long afraid!
Will hasn't been afraid of the lake for years.
One of the many fish Will reeled in this year.
The next - and final - leg of our journey took us back to Madison for the much of the remainder of July.  Stay tuned!

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