Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Vacation: Lincoln, NE

First stop on our summer vacation: Grandpa Mike and Grandma Susie's new house in Lincoln, NE. The opportunity to slow down and spend a few days relaxing felt luxurious, and the four of us really enjoyed catching up Grandma and Grandpa and familiarizing ourselves with their new digs. Unkie Grant joined in the fun for a few days midway through our stay, and then Aunt Sara, Uncle Jeff, and cousins Lily and Carter arrived to spend the last two days of this leg of the trip with us and Grandma and Grandpa. It was a lovely week, and a perfect way to kick off our summer travels!
That's A LOT of love for Grandpa. (It's tough to even see him in there.)
Hallie and Unkie Grant. Could her limbs be any longer?
The one sweet moment shared between Will and Hallie.
They loved taking baths in Grandma's huge new tub.
And Tom loved manning Grandma and Grandpa's new grill.
The coy pond at Grandpa's friend Theo's house.
Watching the coy devour the snacks they tossed into the pond.
The boys.
Grandpa Mike and baby Carter. 
After we said grace the girls ate holding hands.
Tom and the girls on the way to the children's museum.
Riding on their "Dad Trains".
Playing together at the children's museum.
Preparing for a career in law enforcement.
Or a life of crime.
I think she has her "mug shot face" down.
Riding along in a fire truck.
Taking care of the babies.
Dressing up as a bear? 
Performing a little ditty on stage.
Thinking long and hard about which song to sing.
She's made her decision.
Meanwhile, another number from astronaut Will.
Sara's home is on the stage.
Someone didn't like the way the performances were going.
Chilllin' in the strange, built-for-infants water table.
Carter the astronaut.
And then the face-painting began.
The girls did most of their own painting.
They were very proud of themselves.
And their talent was immediately apparent.
Meanwhile, Tom and Will played a game of chess.
And then returned to find this.
Carter got to eat his lunch in a huge rocking chair...
And in a Mars rover.
All that museum-going was too much for Carter.
Cutie patooties.
Next stop, Council Bluffs, IA!

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Kristin said...

omg, that picture of hallie's face cracked me up. i'm still laughing! thanks for the mid-day pick me up - hope you're having fun with all your travels!