Thursday, July 11, 2013

June Catch-Up

The iguana's last hurrah - he bit the dust the next day.
Waiting for the water to hit her.
Working on her castle.
Still painting.
Our baseball set-up (Will in the front yard, facing away from the house;
Tom pitching from the curb, and me fielding from across the street.
On occasion, Hallie helps me field balls. While
wearing only underwear and brown Mary Janes.
And occasionally she gets distracted any plays on the neighborhood
stone wall. Again, while wearing only underwear and brown Mary Janes.
The picture actually belonged in May's catch-up post,
but I somehow missed it in my downloads. Will drew
this picture of and for me for Mother's Day.
Those black things are my muscles.
Will went on his first sleepover in June - you can see a pic of Will and his buddy Logan playing at the park before the sleeping part of the over here.

Will while slept over at Logan's house, Tom and I took Hallie on a dinner
and ice cream date in downtown Bryan. She made a colossal mess with
her royal blue ice cream, but on the plus side, the color of the ice
cream camouflaged the huge goose egg on her forehead.
Will and two of his pre-school friends - Kennedy and Jenna - reunited for summer
swimming lessons. I wish I had a picture of them 2+ years ago - they all look so old now.
Waiting for their turn on the lily pads.
Playing on the snake.
Tom and the kiddos near a small pond we found while
wandering around an Oklahoma City neighborhood.

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