Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Winter Catch-Up

Winter may have come to a close, but I still have pictures from the second half of the season sitting in my photo queue, waiting for their moment to shine.
Date night (from left): Erin (who'll never again wear that shirt she borrowed from
Sara), Sam (our new friend, who we'd met an hour earlier), Stacey, Aaron, and Tom.
Best friends Will and Logan at a TAMU men's basketball game.
Hallie, Kendra, Tom, Will, Logan, and Aaron at a TAMU men's basketball game.
Lunch with Will turned into an impromptu dance party.
Baby Carter turned one-month-old.
Sunset in College Station.
Sometimes Tom is too tired to stand while he waits for his water glass to fill.
Now that the winter photos have officially been cleared out we can officially welcome spring.  Or is it summer already?  Kind of feels like it...

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