Thursday, April 4, 2013

100 Days of School

Both Will and Hallie's schools celebrated their 100th day, though because Will goes five days a week and Hallie only goes three, their celebrations were a few weeks apart.  I was shocked to see the production put on by the kindergarten classes in honor of this milestone; the College Station High School drum line led a parade of crown-wearing, maraca-shaking kindergarteners through our neighborhood while parents and siblings cheered from the sidewalks.
The College Station High School drum line led the parade.  At
one point I heard the leader shout (to his fellow musicians), "you
have to march slower! They have little legs!"  It was fantastic. 
The principal stopped traffic while the kindergarteners
crossed the street from the school to the neighborhood.
Will's looking for Hallie and me, but hasn't spotted us yet.
He was so excited to see us.
After Will's class passed us at the beginning of the parade route,
Hallie and I circled back around to see everything/one a second time.
You can barely see this high school student out from behind
her drum.  I'm not sure how she even carried that thing...
Will was really surprised to see us again.
My handsome boy on his 100th day of kindergarten.
Hallie's 100th day of school was last week.  In preparation for the day, Hallie and I counted out 100 gummy bears (her choice) for her to contribute to the class snack.  On the 100th day, the kids made crowns and then wore their bicycle helmets while they built a tower out of 100 Legos.
Counting out her gummy bears.  (Yes, we washed hands and the
counter first.)  It took her three tries, but eventually she made it to 100.
Modeling her crown (and showing off our Easter cupcakes for
school - Easter celebrations took place on Hallie's 101st day of school).
The best part about Hallie's 100th day of school was the anticipation leading up to it.  Hallie started looking forward to her 100th day as soon as Will celebrated his, and when her teachers began talking about all the fun they would have at their par-TAY (not a party, but a par-TAY), well, she just about lost her mind.

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