Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easter 2013

Tom and I, and the kids as well, after they came along, have always traveled to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with our extended families.  But because of our commitment to Newman Singers during our college years (Newman Singers always sang at Easter Vigil on Easter Eve as well as at all four masses on Easter), we grew into and have continued the habit of staying put and celebrating with just each other on Easter.

Don't get me wrong - we love and miss our families tremendously when we're not with them, especially on holidays.   But I must admit that I love our tradition of spending Easter at home and celebrating on a more intimate level.

This year's festivities began a few days before Easter with four dozen homemade 
Easter (decorated with spring birds' nests and eggs) for the kids' classroom celebrations.

Hallie and I baked a peach pie, and Will helped me make an Easter Bunny-shaped carrot cake.

Next up, Hallie's class Easter egg hunt.  Incidentally, Hallie is wearing the 
exact same outfit as she wore for her class Easter egg hunt last year.

We dyed eggs in the backyard on Easter Eve.  As usual, the kids wore only their underwear.

On Easter morning the kids hunted for Easter eggs and 
enjoyed the gifts brought to them by the Easter Bunny.

 We went to church, and then spent the remainder of the day 
playing outside, relaxing, and preparing our delicious dinner.

Happy Easter!

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