Thursday, June 28, 2012

Uptown Girl

I've made no secret of the fact that the kids and I listen to a lot of Glee in the car. I have the first seven Glee CDs as well as the Warblers CD, and we rotate through these eight choices quite frequently. I like these CDs because I adore the show, but also because they're great mixes that expose to the kids to genres and specific songs they probably wouldn't otherwise come in contact with. I absolutely love that they know the words to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, Adele's Turning Tables, Journey's Don't Stop Believin', and Michael Jackson's ABC.

One of Hallie's most recent favorites is Uptown Girl, which incidentally was one of my favorite songs growing up. It's actually a pretty easy song for little kids to sing because 50% of the lyrics are the words uptown, downtown, girl, and boy.

Hallie looks hysterical when she sings this song, kind of like a little uptown girl herself.

I took a video of her singing (don't worry, Tom was driving and I was in the passenger seat), mostly to show Tom how weird her mouth looked, and decided it was worth posting here.

Oh, and while I may have an uptown girl in Hallie, Will informed that he is definitely a downtown boy.

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