Thursday, May 3, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

I'm writing about the kids' school Easter egg hunts on Midwestern Girl, but wanted to share a few more of our Easter pictures here.  The day had its ups and downs - just like every day - but was all in all a pleasant holiday.  The kids loved hunting for Easter eggs (plastic ones this year - I hid real ones last year and learned my lesson when the dye stained the inside of their Easter baskets), playing with the small gifts and eating the jelly beans left by the Easter Bunny, and singing at the top of their lungs during the Easter church service.  The kids DIDN'T enjoy sitting through the rest of the church service or having their picture taken post-church service.

I was pleased at how well Will understood the meaning of Easter this year, and credit his wonderful teachers for sharing with him the message of Easter in a way that he could understand.  Happy belated Easter!
By the time Hallie had figured out what was going on,
Will had found nearly 3/4 of the eggs.
But Hallie found ALL of the eggs hidden
in/with the shoes - she seemed to know where
she'd succeed and stuck with that domain.
Can you see the half-chewed yellow
jelly bean stuck in her hair?  I think
she was saving it for later.
Happy girl.
Will, as usual, was pretty tolerant of having his picture taken.
Hallie, on the other hand, not so much.
Scream + fake smile.
I really wish I'd taken my sunglasses off (I had no idea I was
even wearing them until I saw this picture on my computer
the next day).  And that I was wearing a different dress.
Real smile + fake/forced smile.
That's the best I could get.
On a related note, I want to mention Hallie's dress.  She received the dress as a birth gift from one of my dad's best friends and his family, but the dress was a 2T so I knew she wouldn't be able to wear it for at least a couple of years.  (Saul and Peggy give absolutely wonderful presents - our wedding present and Will's birth present were favorites of mine when they were received and are still favorite of mind today.)  The dress hung in a place of honor in her closet until this Easter, when she wore it for the very first time.  I'd planned shoot a few photos of Hallie by herself that day - a little modeling shoot to show off the dress - but unfortunately she just wasn't working it for the camera on Easter.  She's going to wear it again for a wedding in June though, so I'll try again then!

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Farm-Raised said...

You look great....glasses, dress, everything!