Thursday, May 10, 2012

Her 3rd Birthday

Hallie had a wonderful 3rd birthday, with a party at school and presents and cupcakes at home on her actual birthday and a party with Grandpa Mike and Grandma Susie the following weekend. I completely forgot to take pictures of her on the morning of her birthday, or of her beautiful birthday cookies (but you can see the cookies here, thanks to the lovely woman who makes the kids' birthday cookies for me every year), but I remembered to pull out my camera to document the rest of the festivities.

Both kids spent the half hour before Daddy got home watching Wild Kratts, as that was the only thing that could distract them from the presents sitting atop of the piano.  Neither one of them wanted to wear a shirt, which was fine by me.

Once Daddy arrived home, Hallie went to town. (Will was a little upset that she didn't need more help opening her gifts.)  More so than any other year, Hallie was legitimately excited about every single present she opened.
Miss Ballerina doll with magnetic clothes
and accessories from G & G O.
"Piddy" bracelet from G & G O.
Minnie Mouse bank from AJ.  Can you feel
her excitement coming through the screen?
Hello Kitty birthday badge from AJ.
She's starting to freak out a little.
A yellow umbrella from M & D.
H: "Is it raining outside yet?"
E: "No, Hallie.  It'll probably rain again next February."
Penny (a stuffed mouse with accompanying book)
and baby bed from G & G M.
We're still working on keeping Hallie
from climbing into the bed herself.
Will's 1/2 birthday present was the purple
light saber. Clearly he hated it.
Hallie opened a few other things that I didn't take pictures of, including a My Little Pony from Will that he shopped for and picked out all on his own. (He's not quite to paying for gifts all on his own, however.)  And then we went outside to unveil Hallie's "big" gift from Mama and Daddy.
So excited!
Hugging the bike seat.
Admiring the bike's tassels.
Taking the bike for a spin around the patio.

And then we headed inside so Hallie could blow out the candles on her birthday cupcakes.  (Over the years we stumbled into the tradition of having cookies for school birthday parties, cupcakes on actual birthdays, and themed cakes for friend birthday parties.)

A few days later, when Grandpa Mike and Grandma Susie were visiting we celebrated again, first with presents (Hallie especially loved her new outfit, which she put on immediately, and watering can)...

...and then with much-anticipated Hello Kitty chocolate cake.  

Happy birthday, baby girl!

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