Thursday, May 31, 2012

Angry Birds

Will is really good at Angry Birds. I mean REALLY good. I usually let him play for a few minutes a day - in the afternoon before rest time or in the evening before bedtime - and he has single-handedly (as in by himself, not with one hand) taken out enough pigs to score three stars in every level and gain access to a number of advanced levels. If you opened Angry Birds on my phone you'd think I had a chance at becoming the next Angry Birds gold medalist; in actuality it's Will who should be suiting up for the upcoming London games.  Or the Angry Birds video game olympics.  Or whatever competition people who are good at video games participate in to prove their dominance.

There are times when I - mean old mom that I am - won't let Will play games on my phone. You know, when I'm talking on it, or when the battery is dead. Sometimes he pouts, but sometimes he does exactly what I would hope a child of mine who isn't allowed to play Angry Birds on my phone would do...he uses his imagination! To play Angry Birds.
Yes, he's playing in his underwear.  And yes, as soon as I saw this picture I fed that skinny boy some bacon and ice cream.

Angry Birds, the back porch edition, was actually really fun - Will and I played for quite a while that afternoon while Hallie napped.  It was fun enough, in fact, that I just might be buying Will a couple more birds (I think there are also blue, yellow, white, and black birds, each with different "powers") to help us bring the game up a notch.  Anything to keep his imagination spinning.

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