Friday, June 4, 2010

more Will-isms

Yesterday Erin and I went to Will's school for his first parent-teacher conference. Miss Gabrielle gave us a very good report - while he has trouble listening sometimes and is a bit too rowdy with his friends other times, in general he is a very bright and imaginative kid and scores very well on many of his developmental milestones. She gave one example to illustrate his rowdiness/listening issues, it gave us a good laugh. It is paraphrased below from Gabrielle's description. Something is lost without the vocal inflection, but imagine Will putting a lot of drama into each of these statements.

[Miss Gabrielle has taken a child to the bathroom, this reminds Will that he also has to go potty so he races from the preschool room to the bathroom to meet them]

Other Child: Will was running!!!
Will: Yes, I ran because I LOVE running.
Miss G: That's great Will, but we only run outside. We don't run in the hallways at school.
Will: NO we don't! We walk when we're inside... [sheepish look] but I know that already.

We have been affectionately referring to these as "Will-isms" and there have been lots of them lately (here's one and another of my favorites from the past year). A few weeks ago, the same day/place that Hallie took her first steps, we were walking out of the restaurant and made way for a very old gentleman and his wife. The old man had probably recently had eye surgery, because he had a protective patch over his right eye. As we waited for the couple to pass by, Will very excitedly and loudly enough for everyone around to hear, exclaimed: "He's a pirate!"

I'd also like to share this recent Will-ism as related by Erin, who sent me this email yesterday. Note that this conversation takes place more than an hour after Will was supposed to go to sleep, during one of his many "you are allowed to get up to go to the bathroom ONE time after you go to bed" nightly trips to the bathroom/see what fun things mom and dad are up to after bedtime.

Will and I were in the bathroom together this evening. While he peed, I took my daily women’s multivitamin, and after seeing me swallow the pill, Will began the following conversation…

Will: “When can I have some of that medicine, Mama?”
Erin: “Never bud – this medicine is just for mommies.”
Will: “So… When I’m 16 then?”

[Note: We have been having a lot of conversations lately about the privileges Will will have when he gets older - chewing gum, peeing standing up, getting a big boy bike, etc. - most recently he is very interested in when he will be able to race cars, I told him he needs to be 16 before he can drive.]

After a brief pause…

Will: “Do you have a baby in your tummy, Mama?” (Just what every non-pregnant woman wants to hear.)
Erin: “No.”
Will: “When will you have a baby in your tummy?”
Erin: “I won’t ever have another baby in my tummy.”
Will: “When will Daddy have a baby in his tummy?”
Erin: “Daddy won’t ever have a baby in his tummy either.”
Will: “Then what do Daddies have in their tummies?”
Erin: “Food.”
Will: “Hee hee. Food. G’night!”

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Kristin said...

definitely my favorite age - i just crack up at the things they come up with to say!