Thursday, June 17, 2010

Will: Big Doctor

Here's another Will-ism from last week. Erin sent this via email and I thought it's worth sharing here, although I'll second Erin's statement that you have to use your imagination when reading Will's responses because his enthusiasm and inflection are what make these conversations so classic. Two things to note when reading this: Grandpa Paul is recovering from a recent hospital stay, we're very thankful he's doing better and will be ready to play when we come visit in a few weeks. Also, Will and Hallie have spent a lot of time playing with Will's "doctor kit" recently, which includes toy stethoscopes and thermometers, but is supplemented with real doctor stuff like gloves and masks and tongue depressors, courtesy of Grandpa Mike.

From Erin on 6/10:
We dropped Tom off at the hospital, where he would be giving a presentation, one morning this week. As we drove away, the following conversation took place...

Will: What's wrong with Daddy?

Erin: What do you mean?

Will: Is he sick?

Erin: No, why do you ask?

Will: Only sick people go to the hospital.

Erin: Actually two kinds of people go to the hospital. Sick people, like Grandpa Paul, go to the hospital. But doctors, like Grandpa Mike, and nurses, like Grandma Brenda, also go to the hospital. They take care of the sick people.

Will (after a long pause): I'm a doctor! (I wish I could write this sentence in a way that would allow you to hear Will's tone of voice. He was very matter of fact, but it was also as it he just realized this "fact" at that exact moment.)

Erin: No, you're not.

Will: Well, how do I get to be a doctor?

Erin: You'll have to graduate from high school, graduate from college, graduate from medical school, complete an internship, and then complete a residency. (I don't know if that's right, but it sounded like a good answer.)

Will: How do I get to do all those things?

Erin: First you have to apply to get in at each school, and then you have to pay a lot of money.

Will (after another long pause): Ok then. I'm going to do all those things. I'll go to all those schools, pay a lot of money, and then I'll be a very BIG doctor.

Erin: Good luck!

Will: Thank you!

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Sara said...

ahh...if all decisions in life were only this easy :) - to live in the mind of a child would be grand!