Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sittin' and Waitin' and Watchin' (and Whinin')

I'd hoped Will and Hallie would have similar interests when it came to sports and extra-curricular activities, primarily to make coordinating our schedules easier. I figured that if both Will and Hallie played soccer, for example, there'd be a chance they'd practice at the same time and place and I could spend less time in the car driving them to and from their activities and more time watching them enjoy their activities.

Well, as luck would have it, Will and Hallie's interests differ about as much as do their personalities. Will loves baseball, football, soccer, and karate, while Hallie enjoys gymnastics, dance, and art. This means that each kid has to sit through the other's practices, games, and classes, which can be challenging (for all of us) at times.

Thankfully, they're nearing ages - Will especially - at which they'll follow my instructions and stay put if I give them physical boundaries that they aren't to cross (stay inside the gym, or stay on the grassy area next to the baseball field). It's when the boundaries are small that they get antsy and we have to get creative.

Hallie's favorites to keep her busy at karate are playing My Little Ponies, "writing" letters to me, and watching the ONE video - a 10-minute Penguins of Madagascar Christmas special - I have on my iPad over and over again with her little friends.

Will prefers to fly solo, and often seeks out the smallest, most out of the way place to work on his homework, practice his spelling words, and play his Nintendo 3DS.

Thankfully they both remain relatively tolerant of the other's sports and extra-curricular activities…for now.

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