Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beautiful Nails

At the end of January, Hallie and I attended a birthday party for a friend of hers held at a local nail salon. I have many friends who treat themselves to regular or occasional manicures and/or pedicures, but as much as I like how my nails look when they're painted, the discomfort I feel when they're cut or filed (by me or anyone else) keeps me from following in their shoes. And because I never set foot in nail salons, Hallie had never set foot in a nail salon either.

Hallie was SO excited, especially when given the opportunity to choose between 100+ colors for her nails. She sat remarkably still throughout the entire process, and willingly stayed in her seat with her hands splayed out in front of her while her polish dried.

Yes, Hallie is wearing her Christmas dress, tights, and shoes, along with a Christmas jingle bell necklace, in January. Whatever.

Hallie choose an Aggie-ish maroon as her base color, and then asked the technician to cover the maroon with silver sparkles. As an added bonus, the technician added little white hearts to both thumb nails.

I actually enjoyed having my nails painted as well, but that's probably because I wouldn't let them file my nails or touch my cuticles first. Hallie's already begging to go back, which I assured her we would. I also told her that women can only get their nails professionally painted for birthday parties or before weddings though, in hopes of slowing down this "growing up" business...

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