Friday, September 16, 2011

Family Fun Night

The week before classes started at TAMU, new faculty members were invited/encouraged to attend a two-day New Faculty Orientation. (Even though Tom began working in January, he attended the orientation figuring that more information would be better than less information when it came to the University and its system, policies, protocols, etc.) After the first day of orientation, faculty and a guest were invited to a reception and dinner hosted by the President (Tom and I attended), and after the second day of orientation, faculty and their families were invited to a Family Fun Night at the TAMU Recreation Center. The invitation to the Family Fun Night indicated that after the dinner families would be able to use the recreation facilities, including the swimming pools, so we were geared up and excited about taking a dip in a VERY nice outdoor pool on a VERY hot day.

Unfortunately the individual/team in charge of planning the event never bothered to check the hours of the rec center, which meant that after promising the kids a swim if they behaved during the dinner, we had to go back on our promise and deal with the inevitable meltdowns that came soon afterwards. Kind of a bummer.

We did, however, enjoy the center pieces on the table.

And Will loved the bayonette-twirling presentation.

Hallie, not so much.

I guess guns with swords on the end just aren't her thing.

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