Monday, July 18, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things...


Will's fairly obsessed with winning these days, to the point that he somehow trained Hallie - who has no idea what losing actually means - to think that losing is cool so that he can always be the winner. We've recently heard all of these exchanges between the kids:

Will: I’m the winner!
Hallie: I da you-ser!

Will: I won!
Hallie: I yoose!

Will: I’m going to win!
Hallie: I going to yoose!

The funniest part about listening to the kids have these conversations is that Hallie is legitimately excited about losing.

Uncle Jeff's Fan

Uncle Jeff needs the white noise of a box or stand fan to sleep, so the day before he, Sara, and Lily arrived for a visit Hallie and I hunted down and cleaned up our stand fan for him.

Hallie: What you doo-ing?
Erin: Cleaning up the fan for Uncle Jeff.
Hallie: Dat's NOT a big girl bed.
Erin: No, it's not a big girl bed. It's a fan.
Hallie: Hmm. It's a very nice fan.

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