Friday, July 1, 2011

Baby Lily Came to Town

That’s right folks, Miss Lily (and her parents) came to visit us last week.

Their arrival was rough. Because of bad weather, both of their planes were delayed; this meant I left home at 11pm to drive two hours to pick them up at the airport at 1am, and then we all drove two hours back to our house, where we arrived at 3am. None of us could remember the last time we saw 3am, or at least saw 3am when weren’t up feeding a baby. Sara, Jeff, and I drank A LOT of coffee the next morning.

Though we had to work around three kids' nap schedules, we were still able to fit in Will and Hallie's swimming lessons, a walking tour of the TAMU campus, lunch at McDonald's, a couple of great take-out meals, an On Demand movie, two trips to the park, nine holes of disc golf, a few projects at the new house (pictures to come), recreational swimming, and drinks at The Dixie Chicken. Oh, and 107 readings of Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny Free.

Here are some pictures from our visit!

Getting reacquainted.

Will was obsessed with Lily's cheeks, and pinched them (gently, of course) at least a few times each day.

The girls loved taking baths together.

A lip kiss, followed by a cheek kiss.

We borrowed this bouncer from our neighbor since we no longer have any baby-sitting-aids. Hallie used it AT LEAST as much as Lily did. Thank goodness she only weighs 22 pounds.

The three faces of future TAMU Aggie Lily.

That bowl is full of Cheerios.

Not anymore.

I'm proud, and only a little grossed out, to report that Lily ate her very first Cheerios off my living room floor.

Just because.


Will's first solo trip down the pole.

Driving already.

We don't have a highchair anymore, so Lily ate in Hallie's big girl chair - made for some messy meals.

Another trip to the park, and a bit more swinging.

We went out for drinks (which is super relaxing, as going out for drinks is supposed to be, with three kids in tow) at a great College Station hang out called The Dixie Chicken. Lily enjoyed the decor.

And the costumes.

This is what it would look like if I had three kids.

We miss you already!

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Farm-Raised said...

The Mueller offspring could seriously not be cuter. Oh my goodness. I'm so happy for your sister! And you look pretty great with three kids, actually! ha!