Friday, September 3, 2010

Will, protective older brother

[another email-blog entry from Erin]:

Watching out for his little sister...

At school, Will is in the preschool room and Hallie is in the toddler
room. Both groups of kids spend time every day playing outside, often
at the same time. Will's teachers have shared with me that when he
and Hallie are outside together, he does a great job of watching out
for her and helping her on the playground - he really wants her to be
safe and happy.

When I picked the kids up today, one of Hallie's teachers shared this
story with me. The preschoolers and the toddlers were coming in from
playing outside at the same time, which, because of the sheer number
of kids involved, was a little chaotic. In all the hustle and bustle,
Hallie fell down - she wasn't pushed, but just stumbled because lots
of older, bigger kids were moving quickly around her. Hallie started
to cry, and Will, who had been at the front of the group heading
inside, turned around and ran back to her. He picked her up off the
ground, turned to all the kids around her (picture confused toddlers
here), and yelled "Who pushed her?! Guerwens, was it you?! Nicole,
was it you?!" Hallie's teacher stepped in at that point, and
explained to Will that Hallie hadn't been pushed, she'd just fallen
because of the traffic. Will pondered this for a few seconds, and
then, in his sternest voice to Hallie's teacher, said "Well, be more
careful next time." Will gave Hallie a hug and headed back to

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