Thursday, April 29, 2010

batter up

As you readers know, Will is a big baseball fan. Oh you didn't know that? Well you do now. And since the Spring has arrived, we can stop playing roarball in the house and can get the bats and gloves out again. When the grandparents were here for Hallie's birthday weekend, we took a few breaks from all the house work to play a couple pickup ballgames. Will has gotten pretty good (for his age) at hitting the ball, and sometimes he gets some solid hits: in his own words, he "crushed it!" Lucky we didn't break a window.


Will likes to play all the positions: hitter, pitcher, catcher, and outfielder. Here he's catching while Grandpa Mike takes a few swings. Note his very proper catcher stance, it seems to be amusing the Grandmas.

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