Thursday, May 21, 2009

Will reads Hallie a bedtime story

No kidding, Will can actually read some words - he at least knows that "W-I-L-L" spells Will - and he can recognize it in a pararaph of text. He also knows the words "wet" and "fish" from the two waterproof books he reads every night in the bath. But he also has the uncanny ability to memorize a story if you read it to him a few times, and then he can "read" it back to himself.

Well, here he is reading "Day Out with Daddy" to Hallie right before bed. Hallie doesn't like the part where the boy runs outside before he gets dressed ("he didn't have clothes on!"). But some brotherly help with the sucker calms her down (he tried, at least). By the time Will finishes the story she's pretty mellow and ready for bed.

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