Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Budding Model

A good friend of mine and her husband own an optometry business here in town, and when the time came to advertise their new pairs of Ray-Ban youth sunglasses they went first to their own children. Their two gorgeous daughters modeled the girl pairs of sunglasses, but their son - despite being one of the cutest little kiddos on the planet - couldn't model the boy pairs of sunglasses because he's just five months old. Have you ever tried to keep sunglasses on a baby? It doesn't usually go very well, or last very long.

Anyway…these friends asked Will if he would model the boy sunglasses, and me if I would take the photos of him, on behalf of their business. Will and I both agreed, and then we got to work.

First we took a few "clean cut" photos. Neither of us liked these very much though - the parted hair and striped shirt just didn't say Ray-Ban like we'd hoped they would.

So we switched things up a bit - hairstyle, tee-shirt color, and tee-shirt style - and ended up liking this look much better.

I also took a few photos of Will in poses of his choosing. These are his two "go-to" poses these days - he's very zen.

And finally, here are the two pictures our friends chose, and the little photo collage they put together to advertise the sunglasses on their Facebook page.

Perhaps a career in modeling lies ahead for Will...once all those teeth come in.

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