Thursday, July 3, 2014

School's Out for Summer

School wrapped up more than a month ago, so I guess it's about time I posted all of my pictures from Will's last day of first grade and Hallie's last day of preschool…

On the days before their last days of school (the actual last days of school are too chaotic) I took pictures of Will and Hallie in their "class of" shirts. I can't wait to see how they grow into these shirts as they grow older.

Hallie loved preschool with Ms. Candice and Ms. Fran, and Will had a wonderful first grade year with Mrs. Trotter and Mrs. Burkhalter. It was difficult to bid farewell to all four teachers, but I know that plenty of adventures await us in kindergarten for Hallie and second grade for Will.

When Will headed out the door for his last day of first grade, neither he nor Hallie had any idea what would await them when he arrived home.

A few days before school let out, Mandi and I went shopping for and put together bins full of summer-themed goodies for the kiddos. We made sure the littles were occupied in the playroom while we set everything up, and then we bypassed the garage on our way to pick up the bigs.

All four kiddos were surprised and thrilled to discover what waited for them outside our garage.
Not really sure what's going on in this picture...

Earlier in the day Hallie and I baked and I decorated this funfetti sugar cookie cake (which was delicious, by the way - I'll share the recipe soon). After going through the summer fun bins, all six of us enjoyed cookie cake and the cherry limeades Mandi picked up from Sonic. Yum!
I love this picture of her.
And in case you're wondering, it only LOOKS
like her hair was in the cake. It wasn't, I promise.
Kind of wish I had a piece of this right now...

Farewell, preschool and first grade…hello, kindergarten and second grade!

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